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Project Z: Chats and Communities


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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaZ APK
Wersja1.20.1 (10841)
Zaktualizowano27 lis 2021
DeweloperSupersymmetry PTE. LTD.
Instalacje1 000 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Społeczności

Aplikacja Project Z: Chats and Communities

Łączenie się z ludźmi, którzy mają te same zainteresowania na całym świecie!

Project Z, aka the Z app, is dedicated for young people to chat with friends. It's also a global community of people looking for fun outlets for creativity, and self-expression.

So...What exactly do you do on the Z app?

Show Yourself🧬
Show off your unique persona. Build your personal space with Z's wonderful tools to let your personality shine.

Live Activities💬
Share life stories, sing a song, discuss the latest games you've played, a school club you joined with people from all over the world.

Voice Blog🔍
You're used to blogging through text, now you can try to record your life with voice. It's a really COOL idea to have a voice diary. Talk about your life, read outloud, sing a song, or just share some voice around you.

Circles are like subreddits or facebook groups, it's a place to communicate about shared interests with like-minded people.

Z's vision is to become the hottest place for young generations to express themselves.

New activities, tools, and updates each month - and we're open to all your ideas to help us become better. Let us know what you like, don't like, want to add, etc by emailing And if need any help, please visit our Help Center:

We'll keep working hard to make a better Z! 💪

Team Z
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