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Ostatnia Wersja

22 lip 2015
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Q3 Arena GAME

Q3 Arena is source port of the Quake 3 engine.
Q3 Arena is the best port of Quake 3 Arena to Android!
Remember, Quake 3 Arena is all about multiplayer. But there is a single player mode playing against bots.
Internet play does seem to work on some servers, but this is not guaranteed with this app.
For most fun Quake 3 Arena and Open Arena should be played against friends on your local area network!
It features the best highly customisable controls available for any FPS and other display settings.
This version does NOT contain the full 'Quake 3 Arena' game data!
If you wish to play the full version, you need to download the game file (470MB) and start it.
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