Quimidroid inorganic chemistry PRO APK

Quimidroid inorganic chemistry PRO


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Wersja2.4.0 (20200512)
Zaktualizowano13 maj 2020
DeweloperBF SmartCreations
KategoriaAplikacje, Edukacja

Aplikacja Quimidroid inorganic chemistry PRO

Quimidroid, chemia nieorganiczna w kieszeni!

Quimidroid is a set of chemical tools designed for education and scientific research. Its main objective is to facilitate the learning of chemistry and become a teaching tool, either individually or in schools, as an instrument for self-correction. It also aims to streamline and energize the formulation for professionals in the sector or anyone interested in chemistry as an amateur.

- Formulate inorganic compounds (hydrides, oxides, peroxides, binary salts, hydroxides, oxoacids, oxisales).
- Name inorganic compounds.
- Use of the Stock and systematic nomenclature.
- Calculation of the molecular mass of a compound.
- Complete periodic table with properties and information of all chemical elements.
- Available languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese.
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