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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaChucky Horror Game APK
Wersja1.1 (2)
Zaktualizowano09 wrz 2019
DeweloperHorror Game
Instalacje1 000+
KategoriaGry, Łamigłówki

Gry 🔪 Scary Chucky 🔪

Scary Chucky game – puzzle free on android. Chucky horror game puzzle.

Scary Chucky - interesting and exciting puzzle game. The plot of the horror games chucky imbued with an atmosphere of fear and frightening music. You Need to rotate pictures around its axis to assemble the full image. All pictures of chucky doll games high quality. You need to think all the time, carefully move step by step overcoming new and difficult levels of chucky scary games.

Feature of game:
🔪 100% free
🔪 Improves visual perception
🔪 Great exercise for the brain
🔪 Develops Your powers of observation and cognitive skills
🔪 Each time a unique puzzle
🔪 Increases the ability to concentrate
🔪 Ability to select difficulty horror game chucky
🔪 Exciting music
🔪 Bonus level chucky versus jason
🔪 Works without Internet

Chucky games scary puzzle elements help to develop motor skills and memory. You have to solve a lot of exciting levels, to cope with all the puzzles and be on the alert. In the game, you'll also find picture puzzles: chucky killer doll, chucky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, annabelle, tiffany, house, bride, universe, curse etc. You can download this scary game free to your mobile phone. Remember to complete the game you need good concentration and observation. If you have difficulties, you can always change the complexity of the chucky killing games. Chucky the killer doll games - this is mini puzzle.

Chucky doll horror game for real horror puzzle lovers. Solve interesting puzzles, unlock new levels, go through tricky puzzles with your friends.
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