Schedule it - Resource Scheduler and Planner APK

Schedule it - Resource Scheduler and Planner


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NazwaSchedule it APK
Wersja8.04 (804)
Zaktualizowano18 lis 2021
DeweloperSchedule it Ltd
Instalacje50 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Dla firm

Aplikacja Schedule it - Resource Scheduler and Planner

Planowanie zasobów i Planowanie pracy dla wszystkich swoich Planowanie zasobów - Zaplanuj to

Schedule it - Business, Employee Work and Job Scheduling, Staff Calendar Planning. Schedule multiple people, employees or any other resources with remote access for multiple users.

Free to try during the trial period. Business accounts start from only £15 per month. Please visit our website for details on the different pricing options.

Schedule it business scheduling to help you plan, view and update the work for multiple employees and staff, and the activity of your customers, equipment and other resources with online and offline access.

Business Features:

* See the schedule of all your employees, staff, customers and equipment
* Add, update and schedule any work and activity
* Schedule the activity for any collection of resources
* Alert and remind remote employees, clients and staff
* Plan events for employees, customers, clients and equipment
* Filter schedules by employee, client and any activity type

Employee Features:

* View and update your personal work schedule
* Add new events and bookings to your schedule
* Access the details of the clients in your schedule
* Access maps and directions direct to the clients in your schedule

For more details on all our scheduling products visit our website at
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