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Ostatnia Wersja

Wersja1.1.1 (7)
Zaktualizowano10 cze 2017
DeweloperPlanet Castle
KategoriaAplikacje, Styl życia

Aplikacja Selftize

Monetize & Optimize Ownself.

Introducing Selftize,
Selftize is simple but an effective way of monetizing all leading social platforms.
Signing up and linking your profiles can be done with simple steps and you can easily convert your unproductive time into an earning time.

Selftize is even the best option for the new sellers to promote their product to a selective target market by our grapevine channels..

So, Selftize is a single platform where sellers meet their promoters and promoters meet their sellers…

So how does Selftize work for Users:-
- Simply sign up and link your social platforms.
- Select the product or service you like to promote.
- Share it among your fan following and generate Revenue by every unit sold
- You can also rent out your social space for monthly rental
- You can also earn by becoming a Brand Ambassador.

Benefits of Selftize to Users:-
Easy setup and linking procedure
Instantly get ads for promotion.
Monetize all social platforms without any information leak.
Earn Maximum from your contacts and fan following.

Benefits of Selftize to Sellers:-

Easily promote your new products into the market to a selective or a wide range of customers.
Efficently promote your product in the quickest way possible.
Promote your product/service at a very low cost.
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