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Zaktualizowano11 wrz 2020
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Aplikacja Shri Yogvashisth Maharamayana

Hołd dla największej śastry wedanty: Shri Yogvashisth Maharamayana

Shri Yogvashisth Maharamayana is the greatest shastra on vedanta ever written. Composed by the creator of Ramayana, Muni Valmiki, this shastra has led to spiritual enlightenment to great masters like Swami Ramtirth, Swami Lilashahji Maharaj, Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu and many others.

This app contains satsangs by Pujya Bapuji as well as Prakaranwise(Sectionwise) path.
We will keep on adding new sargas and prakarans as and when available till we get to the Nirvana Prakarana(last one).

We apologize in advance for any imperfections in the app and request you all to provide your valuable feedback to help us improve. (Its just a voluntary effort and we are constantly trying to evolve.)
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