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29 sie 2015

Aplikacja Slavic tattoo

Application contains 64 samples of ornamental Slavic tattoos. You can save them on your phone or share with friends using email, Twitter or Facebook.

Slavic, or Russian, the style of tattoos became popular a few years ago. However, he appeared for a long time. Ahmad ibn Fadlan: - "And from the edge nail any of the Rus to its neck a collection of trees and images of things, people, and the like." Ibn Fadlan visited Volga Bulgars in the embassy of the Abbasid Caliph al-Muktadir (908-932 years). Perhaps this is the first mention of tattoos in the ancient Slavs. The excavations in the Altai Mountains in 1948, a group of mounds Pazyrskoy shed light on the tattoo of the Scythian tribes. A unique finding was the body of a Scythian chieftain. This leader was killed in battle. Embalmed body was buried with his wife and concubine. Burial referred to as 5 - 4 BC. He had tattooed chest, back, both arms and legs.

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