Stickman smiley wars sandbox is an epic adventure game. Its a battle of smileys.


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11 mar 2021
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Stickman Smiley Wars Sandbox - Epic Adventure Game GAME

Stickman smiley wars sandbox is an epic adventure game. Its a battle of smileys. You are in the city of smileys. One of smiley is your good friend and there are also many bad smileys who are dangerous for the city. You and your friend have to kill all the bad smileys and you also have to save your friend and yourself. Open world, do what you want. No limits, it’s a real sandbox game, have fun! This is fps online shooter with different modes: sandbox, team fight and battle royale. Player can spawn many types on building objects, transport and facilities for the construction of bases and new maps. The game can be built from base and shelter objects. You can play with friends up to 10 people in the game. This is a new tactical shooter from the cubic game universe by Skullcap Studios. Keeping the hurricane character of the classic online FPS, the game sets a new level of gameplay, at the junction of the most popular and relevant genres, recognized by many hardcore players of different ages around the world. Join our large friendly community and show what you can do in the first person! In the heat of battle or savoring the best moments of past victories, you can also look into the game store and inventory, where you can spend your points to buy new characters, cases and skins, including legendary ones, with which you can clearly demonstrate to your opponents who they are dealing with.
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