Super Toolbox - Boost & Clean APK

Super Toolbox - Boost & Clean

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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaSuper Toolbox APK
Wersja6.2.14.00 (441)
Zaktualizowano13 gru 2021
Instalacje5 000 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Narzędzia

Aplikacja Super Toolbox - Boost & Clean

„Wyczyść niepotrzebne pliki, zwolnij pamięć, przedłuż czas użytkowania telefonu i zarządzaj plikami”

Super Toolbox is designed to clean junk files, release memory, save power and manage files.

Features (FREE):
►Memory Clean
Release unnecessary memory with one tap to speed up your phone. The feature is designed to automatically close background apps on a regular basis to keep your phone at best performance.

►Junk Clean
Clean all kinds of junk files on your phone such as processes, cache, temporary files, remained files after un-installation, empty files, clipboard records and large files.

►WiFi Detection
Detect your WiFi status to ensure online security. Detect and stop risky public WiFi or phishing hotspot to protect your personal privacy and property. Identify and stop apps attempting to connect to Internet in the background

►Power Saver
Detect power status in real time and show you the remaining usage time. Multiple built-in power-saving modes for your selection to extend stand-by time.

►File Manager
The feature enables you to manage filed stored on external SD card by categories or directories, so you can find out the files that take up the most space and delete them for more free space.
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