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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaTechMaxeBooks APK
Wersja1.11 (27)
Zaktualizowano25 sty 2018
DeweloperTech-Max Publications
Instalacje100 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Edukacja

Aplikacja Techmaxebooks

Tech-Max Publikacje eBook Reader pozwala czytać z Tech-Max Publications.

Tech-Max eBook Reader lets you read your books bought from Tech-Max Publications. The eBook Reader is optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android,Windows Desktop and is free. Try it and discover how great reading books on your phone or tablet can be.
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Entire book in Q-A format with coloured diagrams
Supports PDF files
Turn pages with a swipe
Zoom/ Adjust font size with a pinch or a tap
Bookmarking & Search feature
Can make a notes of important topics
MCQ available for FE & SE SPPU Students

For any queries regarding Ebooks please mail us at
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