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9 lip 2019
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TEK - The English Kindergarten APP

NOTE: This application access is restricted to The English Kindergarten TEK students and parents.

Key Features:
* Keeping you up to date on The English Kindergarten TEK announcements.

**About The English Kindergarten TEK**

Our Mission
Choosing the right kindergarten for your child can be just as important as selecting the right elementary school or university. The English Kindergarten (TEK) is located in Doha, Qatar.

At The English Kindergarten (TEK) - we believe it's even more important, because it's the very first step on the road to success and a lifetime of achievement.

We all know the importance of building on solid foundations in order to get off to a good start in life. At TEK we nurture respect for others, develop basic skills and encourage social interaction.

Respect, development and encouragement are our values and will be your child's legacy.
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