【Taiwan independent production companies elaborate biblical story RPG】


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9 kwi 2017
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Temptation GAME

【The story】
Satan summoned seven demons destroy everything
To against Satan
Judges queen called of seven virtues become her troops

Once you get the ark, you will overcome all
It is said the ark is in the Hades tower
The war is beginning
Who will win the ark.....

[Be smart] Here have seven roles and three of occupation to choose, arbitrary switching functions, to experience different troops with strategy cards.

[Be brave] refined aesthetic strategy game, most exciting alliance war for the battle of Hades Tower, explosive find the ark , make a team with your alliance to fight together!

[Be strategy] personalized sanctuary, manufacturing equipment and skills upgrading, come to manage your troops and increase your power, antagonism enemy from Satan evil troops .

[Be war] Anytime and anywhere be war online , to create the most exciting fighting pleasure! Now you want to battlefield p v p ? get ready join us like hero!

[Be passion ] Let’s go to challenge the Boss with friends who around the world, We need powerful and dangerous forces of evil, need work together with strongest troops beat them!

[Be Cool] Friendly the alliance system, easy co-work with partners together, the alliance war coming soon , get the points make alliance stronger to against the Satan.
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