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NazwaTOT iptv APK
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DeweloperMe Television Co., Ltd.
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Aplikacja TOT iptv

TOTiptv is an APP for users to experience the MeTV service on Android terminals.

TOT iptv application is an Android application for users to experience the MeTV television service (an IPTV service powered by National Telecom Public Company Limited. And Me Television Co., Ltd.) on Android terminals.

• Package CHOICE: Access over 70 Thai channels. (Included 36 Channels of Digital TV)
• Package Choice Super Plus: Now available at 45++ International Premium channels.
•High Definition: Enjoy more than 30 high-quality channels.
•Time Shift: The Time Shift function allows the user to play or pause a live broadcast, rewind to a previously program up to 72 hours.
•Multi-Screen: Single ID management system on multiple screens to watch TV programs and provide support on the TOT iptv Set-Top-Box, Smartphone/Tablet and PC.
•Parental Control: The Parental Control is a function that helps concerned parents prevent their children from accessing adult-oriented content.
•Favorite: Save favorite channels and movies for immediate access anytime. No matter which devices you use, you can access saved channels and movies each time you sign in to your TOT iptv account with ‘Continuous Play’ mode.
•History: Look up your history for quick and easy access.
•You can use Wi-Fi / 4G/ 3G to watch television anywhere at anytime.

Note: Smoothness of service depends on quality of the Internet connection.
Know more about the service please call 02-500-1111 or
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