Police Car Driving Game APK

Police Car Driving Game


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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaGangster Escape Police Chase APK
Wersja1.0 (1)
Zaktualizowano22 kwi 2021
DeweloperGamessoft Studio
KategoriaGry, Przygodowe

Gry Police Car Driving Game

Ścigaj gangstera w policyjnym samochodzie wyścigowym i strzelaj do gangsterów

Chase and shoot the robbers and gangsters in this action-packed racing game and shooting. Action police chase games presented especially for car racing games lovers. This car chase police game is a unique blend of racing and shooting games with the action-adventure. Police highway chase the robbres and shoot them. Shooting adventure and car racing simulation to find the criminals. Enjoy the real racing games experience along with the shooitng game .

Gangster are wandering in the city town. Find the criminals in the town shoot them. Chase the gangsters in car to kill them. Chase game to arrest gangster, rescue civilians citizen and drop them to save point. Drive police car find the crime and hit the car to smash the gagstes car. Find them and shoot out on the spot. Shooting game with police chase the crime. Police chase simulator & police cop car games. Police chase games in cars is challenging game for you. Police Car Driving Simulator game

Best police cop car driving and gangster chase game with shooting aventure. Gangster escape from police in this police chase games in cars.
Gangster Crime in the city are increasing day by day. Stop the city crime, FInd the gangsters, shoot them on the spot and crash their car.
Protect the civilians from gangsters, criminals, robbers, and dangerous drivers in one of the best first person police car driving simulator games. Drive real police cop cars in a huge city to control gangsters crime games
The ultimate Police Car Simulator Driving game. Drive around the city in your squad car and lookup for the criminals. Drive the amazing stunt Police car chasing all through the entire crime city, chase enemies thief. Become a super police cop to complete the missions
Features of Gangster crime chase - Police Car

-- Car Smashing by hitting the police car
--Gun Shooting to kill the gagsters crime
-- Resue the Civilians
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