UU Game Booster-Enjoy ultra smooth gaming APK

UU Game Booster-Enjoy ultra smooth gaming

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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaUU Booster APK
Wersja6.5.2.1231 (700)
Zaktualizowano19 sty 2022
DeweloperNetEase Games
Instalacje5 000 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Narzędzia

Aplikacja UU Game Booster-Enjoy ultra smooth gaming

Wysoki ping, niestabilne połączenie? Uruchom UU Game Booster, aby pozbyć się problemów z siecią!

UU Game Booster is a network solution tool for high ping and latency in gaming. Using UU Game Booster, you can play any games from anywhere with stable connection. Download and enjoy ultra smooth gaming from now! 72-hour-free-trial is available!

——Ultra high Speed Connection——
Connect to victory! With dedicated network, UU Game Booster can provide a “highway” to game server on mobile, making your games run smoother than others and resolve package loss even during peak time.

——Not VPN——
UU Game Booster is professional and only for games. During boosting, it will NOT affect other apps. UU’s routes and nodes are independent from massive traffic like download & streaming. You can boost multiple games at the same time and assign each to its FASTEST node.

——Specific Tool for Battle Royale——
Specially optimized for Battle Royale games, UU Game Booster supports all kinds of hit titles, including Dead by Daylight,PUBG Mobile,LOL, Legends of Runeterra, Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Arena Of Valor,COD,Identity V, FGO and more!

——Easy to use——
Safe and fast! All you need to do is downloading and choosing your favorite game to boost. Start now and get a 72-hour-free-trial!

——Solve your issues——
To quickly and effectively address your issues that happened in games or boosting, we highly recommended you to submitted an issue in App. In that way we could accurately detect the network problems. Your suggestion and feedback is very important for us to improve our service.

UU Official Website: uu.163.com/global/
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