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Ostatnia Wersja

13 cze 2024
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VMOS Pro is a disruptive update from the original VMOS(Virtual Master) team.This time we will provide users with the right to customize ROM, and will no longer restrict users. We will build a ROM platform, and encourage users to change ROM spontaneously, and use their imagination to the limit.
Built-in root environment,can run Xposed and other modules without root, pre-installed Google mobile service, support floating window of all applications, can operate two applications on the same screen, support custom resolution modification.

VMOS Pro features:
  • [Safety protection] Independent virtual mobile phone system,not restricted by the real machine system,can meet the needs of development and testing,without worrying about the risk of viruses and system crashes.
  • [Root permission] comes with root permission,pre-installed XP framework and Google mobile services,to meet the various needs of geek mobile phone lovers.
  • [All things floating window] Support any application floating window, multiple applications can operate on the same screen.
  • [App dual-opening] Dual-opening of games, dual-opening of apps, watching live broadcasts while playing games, chatting while playing games, smoother than cloud phones, and both work and life are correct.
  • [ROM platform] ROM system version of version 7.1 and 5.1. Support to have multiple virtual machines.
  • [Convenient operation] with floating ball function,operation and switching are simple and convenient.
  • [Interactive screen and hang up]Support to modify the resolution, and can run in the background after the screen.
  • [File transfer] The file transfer station supports mutual cloning of real machine virtual machine application files, eliminating tedious repeated installation.
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