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4 maj 2022
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Wish Live is an inclusive and diverse live streaming platform for all people, aiming to bring fun and joy to everyone. Our platform focus on the spirits of entertainment, not only gathering numerous charming ladies and handsome gentleman, but also showcasing diverse cultures in an entertaining way, tending to bringing quality content and entertainment to users. We don’t just let users passively enjoy here, but also actively take part in expressing and showing their unique perspective!

*Live Streaming*
" Live Streaming Talent Show" : It’s the main function in this platform, Living streaming, which allows users to know many charming ladies and talents. Every hosts will have unique style, most of them talented, funny, creative and rich in content.
"Live PK" :The host can participate in versus with another host, trying interesting topic debate, talent pk. The fantasy collab will bring living room more fun and liven up.
"Multi-person Video Chat" : Not only can hosts live streaming himself, but also they can video chat with common users from all over the word, deeply and directly interact with viewers. Let the host be down to earth and let users get closer to the host.

* Message * :Not enough to watch Live streaming? Just try to directly message to talent you like.
The users can know more and chat with hosts. If you are shy to express your thoughts directly to hosts in living room, just text message to the one.

--funny story
You can write down short fantasy story you made up completely, show your talent and fantasy here, also you can just share your mood, what happens, what bothers you and what makes you happy, your own story in your real life. Show your ability of creativity and literary talent. If you create the very story users like, you also can get rewards and fans from others.

--Content Creation : high-quality content, visual feast, here gathers excellent Enthusiasts and creators of painting, literature, handicraft, astrophotography, archeology, food, etc., they are racing to encircle this app, and using their talents to conquer a large number of fans here.
--Record Life : write down daily life, interesting feeling and sweet memories of life
--Topic Discussion: The discussion atmosphere is friendly and rational, connecting elites from all walks of life. People are sharing each other's professional knowledge, experience and insights. If you also have unique insights, you can join the discussion in the comments section.

*freedom topic*
--Create topic
You can freely create topics here and discuss with others, seeing unique perspective of others. You will become a topic leader and also express your idea deeply. You also can find out more people who have the same interests and concerns you, even the same idea with you. Find out more similar!!!
--Join others topic
You also can join discussing the topic others created. You may not leaders of the topic, but you still can have a impact in the topic, finding out different interesting ideas and unique fantasy.

*Exquisite Gifts* : magic gifts, beautiful special effects to feast your eyes on, make people you like smile at the sight of gifts

*Simple Operation* : intuitive functions, easy operation, and smoother playing.
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