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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaRestaurants APK
Wersja3.2.5 (26)
Zaktualizowano20 sie 2019
Instalacje10 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Jedzenie i napoje

Aplikacja Wix Restaurants

Zarządzaj restaurację Twój Wix

Not in the kitchen? No problem!
Stay on top of your restaurant’s orders on the go.

Manage your restaurant’s orders wherever you are with the Wix Restaurants app. Seamlessly connect to your Wix site and immediately start seeing orders on your phone.

Get instantly notified when new orders are placed and if they’re not being handled quickly.

Easily swipe to accept orders and mark them as fulfilled. See the history of all your orders on your phone and view rejected and completed orders.

Email or fax orders so everyone on your team can access orders. Need to reject an order? Just tap to reject it.

Download the Wix Restaurants app and manage your orders from anywhere.
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