Place It - Tetris Furniture Puzzle Game APK

Simple and classic Tetris game re-imagined. Train your brain.

Version1.3.3 (19)
UpdatedFeb 18, 2020 (11 months ago)
DeveloperShanghai Perseus
CategoryGames, Casual

Want a distinct game that stands out from the crowd? Try this new take on a classic Tetris game! The best time killing puzzle game that will let you earn money and various gifts at the same time. You just have to play it regularly and collect diamonds to redeem your winnings. Don’t lose your chance to spend time playing games productively!

Whether you are commuting to work, waiting at a reception or just simply want to spend some time having fun, Place it is a perfect game to help you pass the time earning cash for playing it. Simply position the items and stack them up to make a tower and reach the highest scores, watch ads and get diamonds that you can use to redeem your rewards.

We are just giving back a portion of our ad revenue, to both make your time playing the game fun and productive!

How to play:
-Drag and drop various items onto the platform and other items! You can’t rotate them!
-Be careful! None of them should fall into water. You will lose instantly!
-Balance and position the items so that new platforms will be created!
-Make the tallest ikea tower!

Complete various challenges to spice up your gaming experience:
-Timing challenges: Stack up a certain number of items until the timer runs out!
-Shaking challenges: Stack up items while they shake randomly. Some pieces of furniture may become hard to position!
-Rotating challenges: The furniture starts to rotate to different sides in a given period of time so you can have a new landing positions for each item, forcing you to make the right decisions quickly!
-Automatic challenges: Each item has a countdown until it automatically drops down onto the platforms and other items. Use the time wisely to position them perfectly!
-Flexibility challenges: Each item upon landing slightly bounces off like a rubber ball, making it hard to predict their final landing positions!
-Perfection challenges: Land a number of items perfectly to complete a stage!

Keep on earning high scores to unlock new pieces of furniture. The more you have, the harder the game gets! Some items are almost impossible to land perfectly, watch out for them and plan each drop.
Unlock new decorations to put on your game background.

How to win diamonds to get US dollars and prizes:
-Sign in the game every day!
-Watch ads!
-Play lucky wheel!
-Share the game with your friends via invitation link!
-Complete various tasks and challenges that we will announce!

After you collect enough diamonds simply withdraw it in the form of money via PayPal or choose one of the listed products that will be delivered to you!

Absolutely addictive and challenging game for android is now available. Play Tetris-like puzzle game to train your brain and earn real cash! Complete different challenges to boost your skills and reach to the top of the leader-board! Watch closely any updates on new contests and tasks on our facebook and Instagram pages!

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