PlanMe Reminder - calendar and tasks list APK

PlanMe Reminder - calendar and tasks list


Best reminder about any events in space and time with voice-activated dialing


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Mar 12, 2022
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PlanMe Reminder - calendar and tasks list App

!!! Please add the app to exclude list into task-killers. For Android 10+ you need to allow popup windows from notifications. Look you phone settings "Notifications"

In the microphone can speak phrases to remind the similarity of these :
- Call back in 2 hours 30 minutes
- Congratulations on his birthday on December 20 at 12:00
- Meeting on Tuesday at 16:40
- Go to a movie the tomorrow
- Phoned the contract [today] at 19:45
- Phoned the contract tomorrow at 19:45
Time/date/intervals is always at the end of phrases.

The application will notify the user about various events.
- the place - location based reminders
- reminder by time
- list for the day (simple todo)
- list without date (colored notes)
- countdown (short intervals)
- widgets: Today, Colored Notes, Microphone, Calendar
- sync timers and tasks (notes) with Google Calendar and Google Tasks

Microphone is support English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Ukrainian, Belarusian for creation reminder by voice

- minimal use of batteries in the GPS mode
- periodic reminders. For example, a daily alarm
- quick timer for short intervals. For example, "do not forget to call back in 20 minutes"
- voice dial for reminder, in the format of the "Task-day-time"
- alerts when you are can late on a meeting
- sync reminders and tasks between devices using Google Calendar and Tasks
- send reminder to a friend
- 4 different widgets

Nuance Dragon Mobile voice recognition is NOT supported
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