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Oct 2, 2021
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Plants vs Goblins 5 Online Game

Plants vs Goblins 5 Online Battle is a fun new spin on classic mobile shooting games. Admired by millions of players it offers you to play alone or team up in real-time battles with players from all over the world.

If you are looking for a unique multiplayer shooting game to demonstrate your exceptional skills, this is the game for you!
Plants vs Goblins 5 Online Battle is a standing-out, completely online action game - the 3D top-down shooter.

You will be fascinated by the fierce battles, amazing characters, and breathtaking gameplay. To become a winner you will have to demonstrate your brilliant skills, sharp intellect, and excellent reflexes.
Run, dodge, shoot and use the right items! By combining them with your outstanding proficiency, soon you will become a number one expert.
Use numerous weapons wisely: guns, bombs, rockets, and many others are at your disposal. Develop your unbeatable strategy and start defeating your enemies and other players!
The surprise in-game bonus: you can play as plants either against goblins or against each other!

REAL-TIME 5V5 BATTLES: Every player can join a five-member online squad and compete against goblins or other teams in real-time.

MULTIPLAYER, REAL-TIME BATTLES: To vanquish the other players, participate in multiplayer, online, real-time fights.

How do I Create or Join a Private Match?
To create a Private Match, select Match Settings (on the Main Menu). You will then see two buttons: "Create Match" and "Join Match".
Join a Private Match: You can play with your friends in a game they're already playing. If a player has created a Private Match with the Game ID (with or without password) setting, select this option and type the Game ID (with or without password) provided by the player.
Create a Private Match: Here you can customize all the settings that you would like for your match.
WEAPON PACKS: There are a lot of guns and supplementary weapons for you to choose from. Each weapon has a unique ability. For example, the "Battleworn Phase Gun" may slow down an enemy's movement speed, while the gun "Hope of the Phoenix" can fire two rounds at once. In turn, the "Bloodied Ebon Broadaxe" will boost your health. Be ready for more surprising and exciting weapon features!
WEAPON UPGRADE: To make the chosen weapon more powerful do not forget to upgrade it regularly. The more upgrades- the more power!
BREAKTHROUGH WEAPON: Use your weapon frags to “breakthrough” the weapon of your choice, upgrading it to a new level.
NEW LOCATIONS: “The Goblin Forest”, “The Forgotten Mine”, “The Goblin Desert”, "The Farm".
GEMSTONE SYSTEM: Collecting numerous precious gemstones throughout the play, you can use them to become even more powerful.
A GREAT VARIETY OF ITEMS: During combat, you can utilize a variety of goods to help you (bombs, rockets, healing shield, buff armor, etc.). Using the correct item at the right moment may save you a lot of time and effort on your way to victory!
MANAGE YOUR CHARACTER: Your character has 4 indications: Health, Armor, Shield, and Move Speed. You can upgrade these indications with the help of level-up points.
There are a lot of character skins for your selection: Tomatoman, Tulip, Pearman, Dahlia, Super Chilli, Cactusman, and Pumpkinman. Each skin has its special beneficial ability. For example: Super Chilli Skin will help you to move faster, Pumpkinman skin will help you to increase armor, etc.
VARIOUS DAILY QUESTS: You will have a new quest to complete daily (kill the enemy, gain victory in combat, use specific items, etc). You will get super rewards for completing quests. They are going to help you become stronger and more resilient leading you to new victories.
DIVERSE ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM: This game has an amazing achievement system. You can earn additional points by obtaining numerous achievements. With a high achievement ranking, you will get more character indication bonuses.
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