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The Pocha is a famous Spanish card game, very similar to Tute, the main objective of the Pocha game is to win exactly the same games and tricks that players bet, the order of the cards goes from high to low starting with Ace.

You can either choose the online mode, or the solo mode to improve your game!

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The main objective of the Pocha game is to win exactly the same games and tricks that players bet. The rules are similar to tute, the order of the cards goes from high to low starting with Ace: Ace, three, king, horse...

Before each round players decide how many tricks they will get. A trick is won by the player who pull the highest card on the board. Any trump card is hightest to any other stick. Turn any card initial stick is higher than the rest, except to trump.

The trump stick is set in the beginning of each start round randomly. The initial stick will be the first card on the table in each trick. If a player has any initial or triumph card must pull it. If you have cards of same stick still been lower at the table has to pull it.

The last player to decide how many tricks will, is bound to untie the number of total assets. Thus in each round will be at least one loser. Players who matched his prediction on the number of tricks, added 10 points, plus 5 for each successful trick.

Players who fail lose 5 points for each failed bet.

The number of tricks rises to a peak and then descends to the end of the game. Will be played same sticks as the number of players, when the number of sticks will be the peak.

Join the biggest game of the Spanish legendary game, Pocha!

Technical features:
★ Fluent and accessible game
★ No need of registration
★ Customizable name
★ Many avatar possibilities to choose
★ Change the color of the board as you play
★ Solo Mode available without connection, and adjustable speed
★ Worldwide Online Mode
★ Global TOP 50 players

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