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Oct 17, 2023

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Pocket Fortune Teller - Tarot APP

Take a moment for yourself and unlock the magic of the future with our Pocket Fortune Teller - Tarot app!

Ever wondered what the future holds for you? Need answers to your burning questions right away? With Pocket Fortune Teller - Tarot app, you have your very own local and handy psychic, available anytime and anywhere, for free! It's an amazing tool to discover what lies ahead. And the best part - it's easy and suitable for everyone! No pranks here, just honest Truth.

What does our app offer?
• Card of the day: Get a free daily reading with one card.
• Yes/No questions: Receive a personalized four-card reading for the most crucial areas of your life.
• Love match: Explore love matching with a personalized four-card reading (love calculator).
• Decision making: Easily decide between two options.

Have a burning Yes/No question that needs an immediate answer? Wondering if you should call him or her? Curious if they like you? Contemplating about a happy-ever-after or marriage proposal? Thinking about investments? Simply choose a category, ask your question, shake your phone, and pick three cards. Based on your choices, you'll receive a unique response. It's not just fun; it's seriously fun! You've got to give it a try!

Curious about your compatibility? Wondering if you've found your soulmate? Searching for the love of your life or an ideal partner? Try our unique love calculator called LOVE MATCH with a four-card reading that provides clairvoyant insights about sex, romance, and soul connections.

Want to know what adventures the day will bring? Check your CARD OF THE DAY for personalized tips or prophecies to guide your day.

• Probability in percentage.
• Clairvoyant tips on achieving your goals.
• Guidance from your Soul - the best Fortune Advisor.
• Shortcuts to your best decisions.
• A great love life - the love calculator always gives you the right answer ;)
• One free psychic reading of your choice every day - helping you make the best decisions.
• No annoying commercials.
• Regular updates.
• Share your psychic readings and cards results via social media.
• An awesome clairvoyant experience.

Download Pocket Fortune Teller now and receive 3 free psychic readings for whenever you need them, one free reading of your choice daily, and a free Daily card. Try it now!

Go ahead, ask! Curiosity won’t kill you; you’re not a cat.

For examples of questions to get the most accurate answers, visit our official webpage: http://www.fifthdimensiontouch.com/pocket-fortune-teller

Your opinion matters!
We love hearing your thoughts about our psychic readings. Let us know of any bugs and share your comments with us. This way, we can continue improving Pocket Fortune Teller for you.

Get in touch with us on:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Pocket-Fortune-Teller-773319099406054/timeline
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PFTapp
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pftapp/
E-mail – info@merkaba.si

Sample Questions are listed below.
• Does he love me?
• Will I meet the right person for me in the next three months?
• Will I be happy in love in the next six months?
• Will I get married this year?
• Is today a good day to get engaged?
• Will I get back together with my ex-partner?
• Can I maintain relationships with my wife and lover at the same time?

Business and Money:
• Will I find a job in the next two months?
• Can I expect a promotion at my current job in the next six months?
• Will I have more money one year from now?
• Will he lend me money for one year?

Home and Family:
• Will I move to her place in the next two months?
• Will we buy a new apartment within one year?
• Will I become a parent in the next two years?

• Will I lose weight within six months?
• Should I buy this dress?
• Is this therapy good for my health?

• Will sex be better with Lars or with Mike?
• Should we wait a while, or should we go for it right away?
• Should we try a new position, or should we rather stick with what we know?
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