Pocket Talkbox APK

Turn your phone into a musical instrument from the future!

Version1.7.4 (1007004)
UpdatedAug 16, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperVito Biliti
CategoryApps, Music & Audio

The Pro version of Pocket Talkbox features the ability to change keys, up to two octaves higher or lower. This is an extreme advantage for musicians and recording artists.

Now you can sound like Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, Frampton and Zapp! This musical instrument is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, and intuitive enough for a true funk master to get down on.

HOW DOES IT WORK?!? Play a tune or a tone, pointing the speaker directly into your mouth. The SHAPE OF YOUR MOUTH shapes the tone. Start by giving the keyboard a wah-wah effect by mouthing (not speaking) "wah-wah-wah" over the speaker.

Select MAJ for a major scale and from low to high it is do re mi fa so la ti do- 1(blue) 2(purple) 3(pink) 4(red) 5(orange) 6(yellow) 7(green) 8(cyan).

PRO TIP: Point the SPEAKER (not the MICROPHONE) into your mouth while you play the notes. Move your mouth but do not use your voice! Make an effort to understand how it works before saying it doesn't.

Every musical instrument takes a certain amount of practice and this is one of them. Have fun! For more info and tutorials, please visit http://vbiliti.com/pockettalkbox

What's New

-Fixed a bug that caused some devices to crash
-Added note names on startup (INFO will toggle on/off)
-Removed the main Title Screen
-Changed HOME button to HELP
-Changed the Interactive Tutorial to link instead to a more thorough User's Guide
-Removed Credits screen
-Minor updates to support newer devices

Email: vbtalkbox@gmail.com

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