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The flora is diverse and colourful. And the modern person does not think of the life without plants. They are necessary for food, breath, are used in the industry, used as medicinal raw materials and, certainly, are used as a source of positive emotions. People grow up plants about houses, create parks, flower beds, lawns, plant trees and shrubs in the houses and apartments. And it is justified – thereby the person keeps the health. But very few people think of what not all plants bring benefit and favorably influence the person. After all among plants there are a lot of those who is poisonous not only for the person, but also for animals. Thus often under external appeal poisonous plants disappear.
Poisonous plants accompany us everywhere. They can be met in the woods coniferous and deciduous, on dry and damp soils, on bogs, on coast of the rivers, on meadows and fields, in the steppe and, as weed, near dwellings. Beautiful red wolf berries especially attract children, the small stalk of a gentle spring lily of the valley can chew and the adult (many like to take a blade in a mouth). And very often person, having seen the pleasant plant, brings it from the wild nature to itself in a front garden, often without reflecting and without knowing that this plant can be deadly.
The Yadovitost of plants depends on the content in them of chemicals which belong to various classes of chemical compounds. Most often in plants find alkaloids, glycosides, organic compounds.
Poisonings with vegetable poisons arise mainly in a warm season at the use in food of unfamiliar plants or unknown mushrooms, especially children of younger age who are attracted by a beautiful look and bright color of many inedible berries and plants. According to researches of scientists, children of early, preschool and younger school age become victims of poisonings most often.
Before you the reference book of poisonous flora in which her bright representatives are reflected most, effect of vegetable poisons on a human body, ways of first aid to the injured person is described.
The reference book consists of four sections:
1. Poisonous plants
2. The cultivated poison
3. Poisonous beauty near us
4. Carefully: mushrooms!
We hope that our reference book will help to preserve health and lives of the scientists, trying to learn the world through personal feelings, will help everyone to look at beauty of the nature from the point of view of careful attitude to the health and health of the relatives.

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