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Version3.2.0.3 (70)
UpdatedApr 29, 2021
CategoryGames, Casino

Pokerwings - Texas Hold’em Training Software game

Studying poker will quickly reward you

Pokerwing is the world's first AI Training program for Texas Hold'em. Through personalized interactive training with simulated hands and instant feedback, you can improve faster and win more money quicker. Pokerwing is your shortcut to becoming a CASH GAME MILLIONAIRE!

Personalized training - boost your winnings more effectively

There are over 3000 training hands that cover most scenarios from soft home game to tough online competition. You don’t have to go through every hand, because Pokerwing will based on your skill level and attributes provide you hands that target your weakness to help you plug leaks and improve skills, so that you can win more money.

Instant feedback - like a private coach

After each hand, Pokerwing will tell you whether you made any mistake and why. You can also watch the “Pro Demo” to learn the correct plays street by street. Through practice, you will learn the secret of becoming a CASH GAME MILLIONAIRE. It’s like private coaching, but much more affordable.

Convenient - increase your profits anytime anywhere

Is it hard for you to find a big chunk of time and a quiet place to study? No problem! With Pokerwing all it takes is a smartphone. You can increase your profits anytime anywhere.

Fun - training is just like playing

Do you get sick of watching 20 minute videos that only contain a tiny bit of poker content? With Pokerwing training is just like playing. No more boring, mind-numbing studies. Improve your poker game and boost your profits while having fun!

Pokerwing, with its personalized training, instant feedback, and sound advice explained in plain language, provides a great value for its users, which is why so many people are choosing Pokerwing as their path to poker excellence.

A training AI that costs only a fraction of private coaching , but can improve your game and boost your profit in the shortest time! What are you waiting for? Download now! Let the latest poker technology help you crush your opponents and become the biggest winner!

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