PontoCOM allows to control your working shift, whether it is fixed or flexible.

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UpdatedJan 08, 2015 (5 years ago)
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PontoCOM allows to control morning and afternoon check-in and check-out, whether your working shift is fixed or flexible.
Quick guide:
1 – Insert the widget, not the shortcut at your home screen;
2 – to check-in or check-out, click the widget
3 – if the time showed is right, click the appropriate button;
4 – if it’s not, click the edit button to inform the right time.

Detailed instructions:
After installing PontoCOM, place its widget at your home screen. Clicking on it will open the program.
Only one more click is enough to register the check-in or check-out time.
If the time on your cell phone is not the same as what you read in the time register of your work place, long click or click the edit button to change the time.
Important: the time informed at the top of the screen of PontoCOM doesn't change, avoiding errors if you are registering the time and the minute changes at the same time. The informed time only changes when the program is initialized.
To be notified of the time to register (afternoon check-in and check-out), go to settings and choose the number of hours that you will be working, the time you want to spend lunching and how many minutes before the check time you want PontoCOM to warn you.
Next check time also stays visible in yellow at the widget and in a notification at the notification bar.

Main features:

- it stores all the data at the sd card, in .txt format, allowing you to copy it from one phone or tablet to another, or to a computer;
- it creates notifications to alert the user about the next checks, according to his/her preferences;
- it offers the option to play insistent or brief sound notifications and/or vibrate;
- it allows the user to set how many minutes before he wants to be notified, the working time and lunch time;
- it offers the option to turn off wi-fi or Bluetooth during working time;
- it creates monthly reports and sends them by e-mail.
- if you can check-in at any time, choose free working time from the config. Instead, if you have to check-in between 07:00 and 08:30, check-out from 17:00 to 18:30 and you have to take a lunch time from 1 to 2 hours with 5 minutes tolerance for each check, choose flexible time from the config.

Tags: work check-in and check-out, working time alarm, working time notifications.

Note: this application has no connection with your company´s time attendance recorders, so the time must be also recorded in the company´s recorder in the conventional way. The information stored by this program has no legal value as proof of working times. It has been conceived as a means to help you remember to register your time in the company´s time recorder, thus freeing your mind for other functions.

Email: guilherme.marques.software@gmail.com

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