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Poo Flip Up! - Flipping Adventure


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Version1.0 (6)
UpdatedAug 03, 2016
DeveloperPhillip Kung
CategoryGames, Casual

Poo Flip Up! - Flipping Adventure Game

Poo Flip Up is a bathroom poop game. Jump, hop, and run between plungers.

Poo Flip Up! - Flipping Adventure is a super addictive poop bathroom jump game and the third installment of the funny adventures of stinky poop Pete. Tap the screen to make Pete jump, hop, and fart to avoid plungers. Help our friendly farting pooper reach new heights in this action packed new poop flipping up game! The plungers crash together so you have to time your farting jumps just right or your pooper will get popped and flush down the toilet.

Poo Flip Up will give you hours for bathroom, toilet, pooping and farting fun. Each time you tap the screen your ninja poo will let out a little fart allowing it to jump, hop, and run past the next set of atomic plungers.


> Endless dash avoidance flipping fun gameplay
> Funny toilet bathroom humor at its best
> Colorful bathroom background
> Tap the screen to make a farting poojump up
> Hop to avoid the atomic farty plungers
> Don't let them flush your smelly poop down the toilet
> How high can your stinky poop get?
> Funny farting noises mixed with hard skill gaming!
> Fun for the kids and the whole family
> If you love our fart noise stinky poop game, please leave a review!

[How to Play]

>Tap to make your pooper jump, run and flip up!
>Time taps to avoid plungers
> Hitting a smelly plunger = GAME OVER!
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