Three Kingdoms-themed placement card strategy mobile game, is coming!


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May 15, 2024
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POP Warrior-Send 2024 draws GAME

【Game Features】
Massive treasure chests are constantly opening, making it easy to obtain a large number of rich resources!
Three Kingdoms-style battles, with lots of luxury benefits!
Brand-new card placement + real-time combat gameplay, no worries, no krypton, just hang up and develop!
Hanging up is king, there are many hero figures to freely combine as you wish, and fight for victory!

【story background】
In 2400 AD, a well-known fashion toy company launched a new generation of Three Kingdoms battle figures called "Kamiibo".
But late one night, these figures unexpectedly came to life! ? As a developer, you and the "Kamiibo" figure are involved in the fantasy of the Three Kingdoms by a mysterious force...
You are caught off guard by this sudden change! In order to seek the truth and lead the figures to escape from the illusion, you begin to participate as a "duelist".
Recruit and train various resourceful hero figures, use powerful skills, bravely fight against ferocious beasts, and show off their special abilities!
Don’t forget to open up unknown maps, explore magical underground ruins, cultivate the mysterious power of hero figures, and gain super abilities to resist alien beasts.
what? ! There are actually other duelists eyeing us! It seems that you must send your strongest team of heroes to the duel master battlefield to fight for victory!

[Explore the truth and win easily]
Recruit powerful hero figures from all walks of life and start a wonderful adventure! Come and become a duelist, fight with the hero figures in the Three Kingdoms world, and explore the unknown truth!

[Strategic team formation, easy to develop]
The gameplay is easy and simple, and you can win simply by lying down without relying on operations! The hero figures have a variety of skills and characteristics, and you can match them with various strategic lineups! The start is full of benefits, and novices can quickly unlock a lot of illustrations! There are also a variety of culture resources that can be replaced non-destructively with one click, protecting the liver easily and stress-free!

[Buddhist operation, refreshing critical hit]
There is no complicated system gameplay, just match your lineup and you can easily pass the level with just a few clicks! You can get a variety of rich resources by hanging up the game at any time, and your combat power can soar even while lying down every day!

[Closed test without deleting files]
During the closed testing period, there will be occasional maintenance updates to update the game version, adjust content, and fix various bugs.
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