POP4 Number Puzzle Game APK

Number Strategy Game POP4 - relaxing puzzle. Pop fours & create chain reactions.

Version1.4.2 (32)
UpdatedFeb 04, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperGGDS - Idle Games Business Tycoon 💎
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Number Game POP4 is a fun puzzle game.


Pop numbers to create chain reactions and clear levels.
How many levels can you clear?

- Touch numbers to increase them by one.
- Touched four pops.
- Every pop increases neighbour numbers by one.
- Create chain reactions to gain more moves.
- Have fun! :)

POP4 is the greatest number game! You can play other addictive games, but POP4 - game with numbers - will be best of them!

POP4 is a fun mobile puzzle - it's better than 2048, and more addicting than 2048. If you are looking for a number game to sharpen your brain skills - this game with numbers is for you!
Play for on your Android device as you pop as many fours as you can and gain more moves! Share your score with your friends on Facebook!

- Simple gameplay
- Endless puzzles for you to enjoy!
- Great looking
- Game with numbers
- Fun
- Easy to play but hard to master!
- Beat everybody, get global high score with Google Games!
- Become POP4 Grand Master with Achievements
- Infinite number of levels!
- Share your scores to your facebook friends!

Game numbers.

POP4 is a simple addictive puzz and it's universal - both for tablets & phones!
Touch four to pop it. Popped four will add one to neighbour numbers. If those numbers are fours - they will pop as well! Create chain reactions to gain more and more moves and clear more levels! It's that simple and REALLY addictive.

Number game POP4 is a unique puzzle game - you won't find anything like it! Do you like addictive games like 2048? This game with numbers is for you! It's easy to play but really hard to master.

Choose carefully what number you touch - the less moves you use for clearing level the more moves you'll have in next levels and the more levels you will be able to clear! Make global high score and share it to your Facebook friends.

This is the best number puzzle game for family, kids, adults, boys, girls, men, women all ages and genders! If you are a kid, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman or love puzzles, riddles games and brain teaser! You will love this game.

If you love addictive games POP4 is for you!

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What's New

- Global Highscores are here! Compete with players from all over the world!
- Achievements are here too! Become POP4 Number Game Grand Master!

Email: biuro@ggds.pl

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