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Port Craft: Paradise Ship Boys Craft Games game

Travel to paradise island! Free sandbox city builder crafting & building game!

Welcome to Paradise! Bay of Santorini is a place of city building dreams! Become the new city builder and build houses, sail a boat, ride a jet ski or prepare a real warship! Download Port Craft for free!

Beautiful like a song of mermaid!
Craft new adventure! Explore the most beautiful landscapes of Santorini Island – your small paradise. Go on a boat cruise or use jetski to find a treasure island or Girls Eden! They’re both spectacular places but don’t forget about city builder duties! Build a house or a whole hotel in Paradise Island with a view on ruins of medieval castle! Travel around by yacht, speedboat, car or jetski! Play the boys craft games for free!

Build a city in paradise!
Bay of Santorini is inspiring! Add new buildings to your city port and wait for the biggest warships coming! Enjoy boat festival! Travel through City of Joy and make money selling boats, warships or jet ski! Invest money in your hotel and become the tycoon! Use Crafting & Building mode and create the most spectacular city! Building games are evergreens! Be creative! Design & build a house, garden or blocky castle like a real city builder! Be the most inspiring blocky builder and play Port Craft for free!

Boys craft games for free!
Play craft games for free! City builder in the Paradise Island City! Building games + crafting + sea games = a great fun! Girls can play boys craft games too! Don’t wait any longer and download the funniest open world creative sandbox game ever made!

Exploration, crafting and… paradise!
Bay of Santorini is the place for tourists! Airport, port with warships and private yachts or beautiful lantern – wild exploration in sea games is a must! Port Craft is a perfect mix of wild exploration games and crafting & building games! Jump on the boat and sail through waters of sea games to the one – Port Craft for free! Dive underwater and see what’s underwater fishing is all about! Back on the beach, you can party hard until the break of dawn or enjoy beautiful sunset while dating your girlfriend and boyfriend! Play one of the funniest sea games for free!

Port Craft features:
⛴️ Crafting & building game mode! Build your own city in Paradise!
⛴️ Bay of Santorini and wild exploration! Admire the beautiful architecture!
⛴️ Fishing paradise! Sea games in boys craft world!
⛴️ What a’bout a boat? You can ride cars, sail boats, yachts or even battle warships!

Boring days gone!! You’ve just found an awesome combination of crafting & building games, exploration games, fishing games and sea games! Welcome to the eden island!

Download Port Craft for free! Build a paradise at blocky Santorini!
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