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Portal Finger Simulator Teletransporter Prank APK

Teletransport your finger through a portal simulator prank

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UpdatedFeb 25, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperX-Apps & X-Games
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Portal finger simulator teletransporter prank. Use your imagination and imagine to teleport your finger to another dimension from your mobile device and make it come back to your phone or tablet through a wormhole. Sounds like magic or science fiction, right? Now you can prank your friends and family to make fun using this funny game. This free game simulates a fingers portal in a transparent screen through a simulated hole that teletransport your finger or other object that touches the adequate place on the screen of your mobile device. But this is not the only awesome teletransportation effect that the magic of this free game can provide, during the teleportation process the universe can produce some random fails which can transform the original object in any surprise at the other end of the space time path. Just try it by yourself to find out more about how the cosmos can behave when any element moves from one side to the other of the portal. The user can also prove the reversal way and will get an unexpected entertaining result.

Disclaimer: This free game is just a game for entertainment. It is a teletransporter portal simulator. Teletransportion is impossible, this app is just a portal finger simulator, that is the idea, although you can tap on the screen with any object and prank your friends telling them you have a super app that teleport objects from one hole to another one on your smart phone or tablet. You can easily prank kids. Show your children this awesome game and let them think about the super power you got using this app. That will create a lot of fun. But always have into accout this is just a prank app.

The are many features and 2 main modes.
The funny mode is the one that in a simple and quick manner teletransports your finger. Many unbelievable and amazing surprises are awaiting at the other side of the portal, like for example: sharks, cats, dogs, lions, horses, fishes, love messages, famous presidents, fingers, hands and feet. Really fun what you find at the other part of the portal, but even is funnier what you can find on the reverse way, just tap and discover it.

The dizzy mind blown game mode shall show you the complete process of teletransportation. How the teleporter hole is created and open on the space time dimension through transparent screen simulator. You can see a reflection of your own hand and finger on the open wormhole through a transparency on the screen. All this is just simulated, the transparency is made using the camera of the device. As well there are several speed levels of teletransportation. The higher the level, the faster the teletransport.

Initially not all the features and elements of the game are available, but you will have the chance of using all of them just following the instructions given to such a goal. There is a cool game mode to be unlocked: the random game play mode.

Furthermore, the user can find a super fun game included as a mini game. This will provide more time of entertainment. The mini game is a simple one tap game play game, based on a rotating loop where the player has to put all the balls without one ball touching another.

Enjoy the fun this free cool game can provide you. Your feedback is important to us: ratings, comments and emails are welcome and appreciated.


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