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Smart cloud clipboard manager with auto sync, universal copy paste & AI features

Version1.4 (6)
UpdatedNov 12, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperFoyohe studios
CategoryApps, Productivity

Have you ever been frustrated with your phones stock clipboard? Then port clip is the answer for you. For starters, it can store infinite texts unlike just one in the case of the clipboard you are using now. So, you never need to worry about copying over something important. Plus, it is cloud-based. So, all your saved texts are available on any device at any time.

♦♦ Simple
Portclip is simple to use. Install, sign in and forget all about it. Port clip will handle everything then on from the background. From then it will autosave anything and everything you copy from anywhere on the phone to the local database. There is no additional effort for the user. Also, there is an option to save what you copy directly to the cloud. So, the url you copied just appears across your desktop in real time. No additional task required. It’s that simple and magical!!

♦♦ Smart
Portclip is also smart. It understands the context of what you copy and gives you meaningful actions accordingly. Say for instance you copied a phone number. Port clip provides actions for saving the number or calling the person. Similarly, it can provide actions when you copy url, email etc. Isn’t that handy?

♦♦ Real-time & Fast
Portclip is blazing fast and real-time. There is no refresh button in port clip because it doesn’t need one. It syncs up your clips in real time. So, you add a text in the web app from your computer. It will appear inside the app in real time without needing to refresh. The vice versa is also true. It just works!!

♦♦ Helpful
Port clip also has several other tricks up its sleeves like it auto copies an OTP from an OTP SMS automatically. So, you can proceed with your transactions uninterruptedly. With the nudge feature transferring text between two devices have never been easier. All you do is click on nudge icon for the clip you want to send to other device and it will be automatically copied to your others device clipboard. You literally don’t want to do anything on your second device. So, say you wish to send url from computer to phone. Just nudge it on your computer. It will automatically get copied to your phone's clipboard. No interruptions!!

♦♦ Secure & Private
Portclip is highly secure. Only you will be able to read your clips. Still worried about privacy? Port clip have two databases a local one and cloud one. This is because we respect your privacy and wants to give you control over what you want to save just on your phone and what texts you want to save across all your devices.

♦♦ Multi-Platform Support
Portclip is available in various forms. The web app is progressive and responsive for maximum usability. Port clip also has a chrome extension for maximizing productivity. With the extension, you need not even leave the site you are currently visiting to save a text in port clip. You can download the extension at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/portclip/chhfgfmggjojkmnbcjocldplkcaealgc

So, what are you thinking about? Go ahead, download port clip and start using it. It is a must-have in any productivity suite.

Email: portclipapp@gmail.com

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