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Version0.0.73 (75)
UpdatedAug 30, 2021
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PoS Cash Register app

Simple yet powerful PoS Cash Register. Supports printing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

PoS Cash Register is a modern application, designed for use in restaurants, shops or events.

You can easily set up all the products you offer, and, if necessary, you can easily share your set-up to multiple devices within your organization. This means you only have to set-up your products once, and they will be available on all your devices.

To keep all your products organized, you can divide them into categories. Like products, you can also give this category a color.

Once you are completely set-up, you can begin taking orders. This can be done by either tapping on a button to add a product to the order (and long pressing to remove if you made a mistake), or, if preferred, you can scan the barcode of the product.

For a complete overview of the order, simply click on the "Checkout" button. This will show a list of all the ordered products, sorted by category. Once the order is completed, you can print a receipt and then click on "Complete order". This will save the order into the "Order history", where it will always be available.

If you want to get insights on the most profitable products, you can do so in the "Stats" screen.

All of the features work completele offline (except for sharing buttons to other devices). The application is still in an early access phase and feedback is more than welcome.
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