Potato Chips Making Games - Food Factory APK

Make crunchy snacks in this new food making game as your new favorite pastime!

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** Enter the world of fast food games with levels, and make the best potato chips ever!

Download ** Potato Chips Making Games - Food Factory ** free!

** Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a factory?! Well, don't wonder ever again! We have a solution for you and it is a factory game for girls with levels! Chef game for boys awaits you! Emerge yourself in this cook and serving fast food free cooking game ** Potato Chips Making Games - Food Factory **! If you want to find an answer for the question – How to make fast food game, you are in the right place! Potato chips games are the most interesting games ever! This food game for free will easily become your favorite pastime! Wash and scrub the potatoes under water and clean them from dirt! Cut them and make the best salty and crunchy chips! Make sure you download this ** Potato Chips Making Games - Food Factory ** on your smartphone and tablet, and enjoy the most addictive game that you will never delete! Start the chips challenge, and open a chips factory! What are you waiting for? Start the fun with this cooking french fries game!

** Become the world known chef in this factory game with many levels!
** Learn how to create chips – all the way from potatoes to world's most popular fried snack!
** Tons of refreshing and sweet flavors, and numerous toppings to choose from: Salt and Pepper, Pizza, Sour Cream, Onion, Barbecue, Chicken, Bacon, or Grilled Shrimp.
** Awesome gameplay!
** Fabulous graphics!
** Have lots of fun!

How to play:
** Dig out the potatoes and put them in a basket!
** Wash the potatoes, dry them and peel the potatoes off to make them ready!
** Cut the potatoes and get them ready for the fryer!
** Frying time – Put the potatoes slices into the hot oil! But pay attention! Fry the slices carefully! Do not burn them!
** Add the flavors - Salt and Pepper, Pizza, Sour Cream, Onion, Barbecue, Chicken, Bacon, or Grilled Shrimp.
** Pack your delicious snack into bags!
** Put the bags of chips on the shelves!
** Play it over and over again!

** Make the tastiest potato food ever in this potato chips factory! Cut them thin with our modern cutters and utensils in this food factory games with many levels! Become the best potato chips maker in this cooking, baking, and food making simulator! Cook them and make sure that the potato slices don't burn. So that can be crunchy from the outside and fluffy from the inside! This potato chips cooking game is ready! Don't waste any more time! Download it now and let your creativity loose with this potato chips game!

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