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Potter Wand: Spells Mystery - Harry's Magic APK

Magic simulator: Avada Kedavra, Lumos Maxima, Alohomora, Expecto Patronum etc...

Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedMay 29, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperInfinity Games Std
CategoryGames, Simulation

The magic wand and the real magic spell book are now in your phone. Train, raise your level, and then the most powerfull spells known in the magical world will be available to you.

Just take the wand, choose the spell and wave the phone. Perhaps the first time the spell will turn out wrong, because you're just a beginning magician. But take a little practice - and the most powerful magic will submit to you.

Collect all unique sticks and choose the right one for yourself. Change the backgrounds, turn on or off the vibration and flashlight.

The magic book contains the most popular spells with descriptions. Each magical action is accompanied by fantastic 3D effects and magic sounds. You can use such spells as:

Alohomora (The Unlocking charm) - opens doors and locks.

Lumos (The Lighting charm) - you can highlight your path in dark places (uses a phone’s flashlight)

Expecto Patronum (The Patronus charm) – spell spirit guardian named Patronus

Expelliarmus (The Disarming charm) - knocks out the wand of the opponent's hands

Petrificus Totalus (The Full Body-Bind curse) – paralyses the opponent

Obliviate (The Memory charm) – erases memories

Avada Kedavra (The Killing curse) – causes painless death

Add the magic in your life for a little!

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