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Maker and pans, dishes, and other vessels of clay. The Hebrew word for potter literally means "forming" or "people who make up" while the Greek term derived from the root word that means "mix", which may mean the need for mixing water into the soil or clay in preparation before use. It has been since time immemorial the potters shape the clay into a vessel and burn, resulting in a hard gear, which will not become soft when wet. A potter might work alone, but sometimes it has a few assistants, who are often the internships. At one time, there appears to be a group of potters government among the Hebrews.

A common way of making pottery began to wash the clay and purifying it from other substances, leaving it in the open air, and trample the clay that has been dampened so that it becomes soft and pliable.
Next, the clay kneaded by hand and then placed on machinery or potters wheel.

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