Simulation of Electrical Substation Systems

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POWER SUBSTATION - Demo - is the DEMO version of a didactic application and a tool that can assist Electricians, Automation Technicians, Electronics and Electricity, Engineers and Operators, in understanding and understanding the functioning of the various Protection and Control schemes existing in a Substation. It is a didactic and advisory application, developed for mobile devices that run on the Android platform.

The application has several functionalities and simulates the various systems belonging to the Substation, using command buttons for opening and closing circuit breakers and disconnectors, command buttons for activating diagrams, such as the Undervoltage Automation, which allow the simulation of automatic opening of circuit breakers in case of undervoltage.
The application also makes it possible to simulate a defect in the circuit breaker opening coil and the consequent operation of the Circuit Breaker Failure scheme, with the due blocking and opening of the adjacent circuit breakers, as well as, it allows the simulation of the substation recomposition interlocks after this type of occurrence.
The application makes it possible to simulate the occurrence of a fault in the lines and feeders and the consequent operation of the protection elements and the opening of the respective circuit breaker.
The application provides for the interlocking of all substation disconnectors due to the closing of a circuit breaker or transfer of protection.
The application provides the user with basic knowledge of operational reset procedures in case of failures or blackout.
The application has the information and instruction resource, whereby the user, when performing the command maneuvers, can access the “INFOR” button and check the equipment information or interlocking, blocking, failure or automation scheme, as well as checking the instructions of command and operation, necessary for the maneuver.
It is an application for simulating the substation functionalities, whose initial objective is to provide the basic notions of the equipment functionalities and schemes of a substation, as well as to disseminate its various operational procedures, according to the version available to the user. This application aims at the maximum coverage of the various systems and resources related to the Substation, Transmission Line, Distribution and Power Generation, currently existing, through constant updating, and making available versions that will include the projects and suggestions from users.
Finally, this application has a conventional supervisory aspect of a Substation, and may be suitable for the various existing systems, as needed, and may include Simulations of Power Generation Plant, Industrial Plant or Building Systems. It is a promising and efficient didactic system of learning and assistance for professionals in the Electric and Industrial Sector, in addition to helping in the prevention of defects or failure in systems and equipment, caused by defects or errors in operating procedures.
This is just one of the features of the POWER SUBSTATION 1.0 Application, which has several aspects of simulation, such as:
-Simulation of Substations, including:
- Undervoltage automation;
-Synchronism of Transmission Line;
-Automatic reset after Blackout;
-Frequency Load Relief System;
-Parameters of Transformers;
-Control and Interlocking of Circuit Breakers and Disconnectors, among others:
The visual and functional aspect of the project, as well as the simulation provided in each version of this application, may be different or present differences in functionalities or functional aspect, in relation to the systems known to users, in view of the diversity of existing systems in each substation, plant or industrial process. Thus, the application can undergo constant updates, according to the needs of customers / users and availability of development.

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