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Prayertimes, Qibla Direction, Holy Quran with recitation, Athan Alert

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UpdatedOct 03, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Prayertimes Qibla with Quran is the mobile application that provides variety of features to a muslim to help him practice the right islam. Qibla compass for namaz is the islamic companion, providing variety of extensive feature for muslims. This is a complete package app that covers the all aspects of the islam, its extensive features include Prayer timing, finding qibla direction, quran, hadith and many more.

One of the marvelous feature of Qibla islam connect is, it notifies you about the prayer timings, this is very helpful feature for any muslim that keeps on reminding a fellow muslim about the time of Prayer. This feature prevents the constraint of finding accurate prayer time on the internet and other source, Prayertimes Qibla with Quran provides accurate timing of all five prayers with respect to your location. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are or whether you are travelling, Islam Prayertimes, Qibla with Quranwill provide you the accurate namaz timing according to your current location. Prayertimes, Qibla with Quran is the combination of finding qibla direction and Prayer timing, these extensive features will prevent you from missing any Prayer, Qibla muslim connect will help you to find qibla direction and Prayer timing will provide you accurate Prayer timing according to your location. The Prayer timing module has variety of features that will notify you about the time of Prayer. You can set alarm with beautiful azans of various famous reciters, it doesn't matter now if you are living in a non-muslim state because you will get reminder for the azan on your mobile. This feature will prevent you from delaying the salah as the alarm for the Prayer will notify you about the azan time. Moreover, the beautiful voice of mozen will enhance and motivate islam in you and encourage you to offer prayer on time.

Finding the direction of qibla is most important in order to perform the prayer, So now if you are travelling or you are present in a non muslim state, Qibla islam connect will help you to find the accurate direction of the Qibla. The qibla module has variety of qibla dials to make finding the direction a wonderful activity. Moreover, this app is assisted with visual qibla, you can see the qibla on map from your current location and total distance.

Quran is one of the most important part of the islam and Qibla islam connect has considered it as a priority. You can read and listen to Quran anytime and anywhere. This module is assisted with various option to optimize the user experience by providing different font sizes which may help in reading Quran and its translation. It is also assisted with Quran player so that you can listen to the beautiful recitation of holy Quran.

Finding a mosque and halal food spots is also a big constraint in non muslim states and as well as if someone is new to a location, Qibla islam connect has cater this constraint by providing mosque and halal food finder, so now you just have to enter your current location and it will find you mosques and halal food spots nearby to your location. Moreover it is assisted with islamic calendar, where you can check islamic dates and compare it with the other calendar.

Moreover Qibla islam connect has a additional feature of Ayat of the Day, where you can learn and understand a ayah every day. Dhikr module also provide various duas to be recited with a digital tasbih and tally counter.

Prayertimes, Qibla with Quranhas a user-friendly interface which provides better and easy interactions, with beautiful islamic themed interface that enhances the islam in you, providing the promising features to remove your constraints in finding the direction of the qibla and Prayer timings of new places as you travel.

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