Pre Move Survey App is specially designed for the Moving & Storage Companies


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Jun 23, 2021
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Pre Move Survey APP

Pre Move Survey or Move Survey Estimator is a mobile app specially designed for Moving & Storage Companies.
Pre Move Survey App supports survey, quick estimation, quote, and sales account management. This App reduces the delay in submitting a quote and helps to capture the customer meeting details without any GAP when the sales team on the field.

This App stores all the standard items, room types, package types, transportation modes, etc., so that survey is just pick and choose what is required - no paper and no long typing. An easy and efficient way to ensure Pre Move Survey is done perfectly.

Moving Estimator or Movers App is aimed at making the working of the sales team more efficient, customer friendly and fully paperless.

Following are the key features

Standard repository of items, goods types, packing types, etc helps surveyor to select easy.
Articles can be photographed and annotated, Standard and non-standard sizes can be captured
Gross Volume, Chargeable Weight, Gross Weight are estimated automatically
Specific features for Vehicle & Pet moving
Integration with Google Maps and Location Intelligence
Mark non-moving, valuable, handyman service articles
Customer and survey summary with customer signature
Packing material and Man Power projection
Estimation and Quote
Sales Account Management

QuickMove Pre Move Survey App is available in eight languages (English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese)
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