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AppsPregnant Guider APK
Version1.1.0 (2)
UpdatedJun 12, 2019 (10 months ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)

Predict and control the menstrual cycle with a calendar

Pregnant Guider is a specially designed for women's ovulation period calculator, record small tools, simple operation, at a glance.
The anovulatory period is the process that egg cells and cells of a granule of surrounding egg mound are expelled together. The date of female oviposit is in the 14 days before the next menstruation comes tide commonly -16 days are controlled. Eggs can survive for 1-2 days in the fallopian tube after being discharged from the ovary to wait for fertilization. The man's sperm in the woman's reproductive tract can maintain 2-3 days of fertilization ability, so in a few days before and after the release of eggs easy to get pregnant through sexual intercourse. To be on the safe side, we will oviposit the day before 5 days and after 4 days, together with oviposit day inside a total of 10 days call the oviposit period. Because it is easy to get pregnant during the ovulation period of sexual intercourse, the ovulation period is also known as a vulnerable pregnancy or a dangerous period.

Main Features:
Ovulation prediction
* Accurately predict your ovulation date and your upcoming period.
Menstrual period record
* Intimate record of menstrual period, so that you can intuitively browse the state of menstruation.
Symptoms of record
* Each symptom can be recorded separately for future reference.
Easily share
* Secretly share your physical state with your partner
Pregnant Guider is small, simple and easy to use. It is an essential Ovulation calculation tool for women.

Pregnant Guider APK