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Premier Signature is an instant Premier Bank documents verification tool.

Premier Signature is a document verification application that enables you to verify the authenticity of the documents issued by Premier Bank, anywhere, anytime. The scan results are summarized into the key value of the verifiable information of the document.

With Premier Signature, you can identify whether the documents issued by Premier Bank Limited are fake or not. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Create A Verification QR Code

The supporting documents shall have a QR code autogenerated. This includes details such as name, document number, and details, amongst others.

All this information is saved in a database privately available via a URL.

Step 2: Verify the document

Upon scanning the QR Code printed on the document, the end-user is redirected to the website URL which redirects to an iOS or Android mobile application.

Anyone who wishes to check authenticity can scan the QR Code and view details on the official database (and match these details with the printed details on the document).

Since the app verifies the document details through the official database, it cannot be tampered with.

Main features:
Use the Scan function to scan a document QR code. You will access the important verifiable elements of the original document that includes the original version, the intended recipient information, and other document-specific elements.

A unique encrypted code to verify the document and access its authentic tags/verifiable elements.


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