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Add live polls to your event, receive text questions in real-time

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UpdatedNov 11, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Create polls or surveys, get questions and general feedback from your audience instantly with Presentain - Interactive polling app!

Looking for creative presentation ideas? How about adding polls, surveys or questions, and analytics to your Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint or even PDF presentations? Well, it's easier than you thought.

With Presentain app you can take your presentation to the next level! Use it as a smart remote controller to:

- change slides with smart PowerPoint, Google Slides, KeyNote clicker;
- let anyone in the audience ask questions using the browser, no special\additional app needed!
- instant feedback-poll your audience;
- let the audience see your slides in their browser, you don’t need a projector anymore!
- see presentation slides right on your device;
- add a YouTube video to your Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Google slides presentation;
- record your presentation (slides and your voice). Convert PowerPoint presentation to video and share it instantly!

Engage your audience during the interactive presentation!

Create the presentation in your favorite apps like Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote, then upload it to a cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or upload it to your mobile device and … use Presentain - app for interactive presentations!

All of your presentations are now on a cloud-based platform, easily played and broadcast to devices in the audience. You can ask questions, create polls, surveys, and record your presentation so that other people can easily access and view it later.

Get more from your audience
Create a dialogue with your audience. Let them send you questions during the presentation and answer them when it fits your presentation flow. Create polls, surveys and conduct audience polling. It’s super easy now and you can see results updating live!

Grow your business
Presentain - presentation app is a business meetings icebreaker. The audience can request follow up by sending you their contacts, like email/mobile, so you can continue communication later.

Share your work
Share recorded presentation online! The audience can share slides during the presentation (or recording after the presentation) with their friends via social networks (and generate more conversions as a result!)

Improve your skills
Gather valuable real-time stats and boost engagement of your audience. Get complete insight into your audience and make your presentation actionable.

Let's summarize:

- You can use Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote to create your presentation.
- Then you upload it to your cloud storage, or to your mobile device.
- Use Presentain - presentation app to insert video into PowerPoint presentation (Google Slides, Apple Keynote presentation is also supported), easily create polls, surveys, record your presentation (convert PowerPoint presentation to video) and analyze results.
- Share your presentation link, so audience members can join the presentation on their laptops or smartphones.
- The audience can answers your poll or survey in a real-time, using web browsers.
- You can see responses live on the web.
- Anyone in the audience asks questions using the browser, no app needed.
- When it’s done, you can share a recorded presentation on the web.

Let Presentain - presentation app make your next presentation, poll or survey session remarkable! Enjoy and have awesome events!

What's New

- Create and start multiple choice, true/false and open ended polls on your device to get audiences opinion instantly, with or even without presentation!
- Now Presentain lets you get detailed information about your connected audience, so you can stay in touch even after your presentation event ends!

Email: info@presentain.com

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