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PrintYuk is an innovative on-demand mobile platform and application that provides a various printing services, with more than 64 printing products available. The products are consist of office needs such as business cards and letterheads to promotional items such as banners and wallpapers. We also provide garments, packaging, and accessories. Tote bags, lunch boxes, and mugs are also on the long list of our products.

How to order?
1. Click Printyuk app
2. Choose the products that you want to order
3. Choose the materials
4. Choose how many items you’d like to order and choose your expected time delivery
5. Choose and upload your file/artwork
6. Confirm your order

How to upload your artwork? Follow these 5 simple steps:
a. Choose file from your Phone
b. Choose file from your Google Drive
c. Choose file from your Dropbox
d. Upload your file via
e. Upload your file via Email

How does the point system work?
a. Users
- New users, who never registered to , earn 5 points
- Existing users, who have registered to, earn 10 points

b. Use Your Points To Pay Us!
- You have earned your points and you can use the points to pay for an order
- 1 point equals IDR 10.000, applies multiply. If you purchased 2 boxes of business card (IDR 72.000), you can use 3 points (equals IDR 30.000) and you can transfer the rest

Product Reviews, Love, and Share
- We allow you to give us a review on our products, click love button on any products that you like, and share the products to your social media

Chat With Customer Service
- If you have any inquiries, click on “Live Chat” tab that appears on your screen

Why Should You Use PrintYuk?
a. Accessible on your computer and smart phone
b. Choose the best materials for your products
c. Choose expected time delivery: up to 3 hours, same day, and next day delivery
d. Upload artwork from various file sharing sites
e. Give product reviews, love, and share
f. Provide payment with points
g. Chat with customer service directly

Get updates from us on Facebook: @PrintYuk, Instagram: @print_yuk, Twitter: @print_yuk, and email: If you still want to know further, please contact us at 021-80629630

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What's New

- New Design
- Fixing Security Patch

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