Ideal tool for data analysis for the efficient management of a trade.


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Feb 7, 2024

Prioriza B.I. APP

Prioritize B.I. is an APP that gathers important information about your companies, especially about sales, facilitating quick and assertive decision-making.
Follow in real time via mobile:

- How much your stores are selling in values ​​and quantity of products;

- What forms of payment are being used (card, pix, cash, etc);

- What is the payment term that sales are taking place;

- What are your best selling products;

- How much each employee is selling in the period, ranking in number of sales, in values ​​and also the average ticket of each one;

- App integrated with the management system.

This type of information, quickly and securely, makes business management much easier, especially for those who have more than one establishment and cannot monitor each one in person. Having this tool in hand means being able to work more efficiently and profitably!
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