Prkruti LITE : Monitor Air Quality- Realtime AQI APK

App is all about alerts for smart citizen who really care about the environments

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UpdatedFeb 13, 2020 (1 year ago)
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(World’s smallest personal Air Tracker)

Prkruti lite Android application is a medium where you can see and analyze the IAQ measured by the device. You just have to connect the device with your phone and the App will start automatically and you can monitor, track and analyze harmful substance near you on real time.

The personal Air quality tracker

Prkruti lite is the first compact, portable device that measures a full range harmful substance in the air like airborne toxins and chemicals, VOC, Co2 along with the weather parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure & Noise It gives you a real time air-quality score anywhere.

Smart App Features

• Elegant Design
• Displays Real Time data
• Notification based on IAQ
• Smart Health Suggestions
• Data History for analytics
• Social sharing on map

Why we need to think about our breaths

Every day, unconsciously we take more than 20,000 breaths. Unless we have problem, we don’t think about what we breathe in, and how that air affect our health.

The facts of the indoor air quality

• Indoor Air is 7 times more polluted than outdoor
• We spend 90% of our time at indoor environments.
• Poor air quality can lead to discomfort, illness and absenteeism and productivity in work place.
• Children & elder person are more susceptible to the effects of poor air quality.
• Harmful VOCs can cause long-term health effects.

Did you know?

• Environmental pollution is next big challenge in front of man kind
• Air Pollution is 5th largest Killer
• Almost 44% of school children in Delhi had reduced lung
• World’s top 20 polluted cities, 13 are in India.
• 30 million people including children are suffering from asthma as per WHO.

Email: alpesh@dnktechnologies.in

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