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Pro battery doctor saver APK

Pro battery doctor saver and optimization of autonomy

Version5.1.11 (5)
UpdatedJan 26, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperIdeanet Studio
CategoryApps, Tools

Pro battery doctor saver helps optimize battery health , life repair, calibration and make phone charge faster. with optimizer notification, alert, activation and automatic deactivation, this application increases the autonomy of your smartphone.

Designed to be easy for use, Pro battery doctor saver provides all the informations you need without complex. The main interface shows you an elegant menu which allows you to quickly access the main functions of the solution.

If you want to save some time, Pro Saver displays settings that you can stop them to allow the device battery remain longer and healthy. theses parameters are eg 3G, WiFi, the screen brightness, volume, GPS signal and airplane mode.

★ More autonomy

Pro healthy saver is easy and very helpful to stop the applications that consume too much battery. All these figures are effective to benefit from greater autonomy.

★ Features

✔ Optimize your energy consumption through Task Manager.
✔ Supports all screen resolutions phones and tablets.
✔ Charging information - technical guide for effective charging methods.
✔ Details Battery - shows the technical details of the battery in your device.
✔ Battery economy mode - adjust the consumption parameters (WiFi, luminositén, 3G / 4G, GPS,Flight mode)
which is important to extend the battery life up to 50%.
✔ RAM Booster - disable any unnecessary tasks.
✔ Battery Chart - Know the detailed statistics on the remaining battery time.

★ Q&A

✔ Q: Pro Battery Saver can save energy and increase the battery life?
✔ A: Yes! Touch the circle in the main screen and choose (battery saving mode) to disable the options that use so
much energy and then improve the life of the battery.

Start the application during charging to allow the program manage the process, with the 3 steps of charging
methods, which guarantees a longer life of the battery. Use "Task Killer" to easily optimize energy consumption.

✔ Q: What is a full charge and why is it important?
✔ A: plug your Smartphone when it remains about 25% of battery and continue charging the battery until the 3rd
step of charging. Don't leave it plugged in If you do charge it to 100%.

✔ Q: The "save mode" how does it work?

✔ A: It's a smart option to stop all non-essential functions of your smartphone except phone calls with the ability to
send and receive text messages. Wifi, 3G, GPS, Airplane mode, Volume. will all be stopped in order to preserve
battery life and saving energy.


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