Hackie: Deep Web Horror Game APK

Did you think you knew everything about the Internet? You were wrong...

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Atualizada31 de 03 de 2020 (8 meses atrás)
DesenvolvedorGalactic Crows, Inc.
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Did you think you knew everything about the Internet?

You were wrong ...

Welcome to ★Hackie: Deep Web Horror Game★

Fame, money and vices have driven him crazy
Your days as a content creator ... have changed
It is suspected that he now markets videos on the Deep Web ...
A murderer and torturer of people awaits you.
You play as Marius Iancu a content creator on YouTube who got kidnapped by an old youtuber who started to make marketing videos on Deep Web.

• He will look for you, ALWAYS
• Don't go near HIM if you want to survive
• Be careful with the ENEMY.
• Solve the PUZZLES throughout the house
• Feel the Horror and the Tension, prepare your STRATEGY by hiding around the house
• Open the LOCKED DOOR and retrieve SECRET INFORMATION from the PC
• TERROR and SUSPENSE in each game
• A GAME DIFFERENT from the others!
• Yes, Marius Iancu is Kidnapped, you need to SAVE him!

Good luck!


Main Idea, Voices and Collaboration:
• ★ Marius Iancu★
Lead Developer:
• ★ Paul Cornel ★
Soundtrack Composer:
• ★ Paul Cornel ★
Marketing & PR:
• ★ Iustin Ionut ★

The game contains ads =)

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Email: support@galactic-crows.com

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