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PREVIEW, EDIT and SHARE to whatsappTM in the wink of an eye!

Preview photos instantly in full screen. Edit, delete or share to whatsapp in the wink of an eye.

NEW feature in Auto Preview Mode – edit the photo immediately. Move, zoom, mirror and turn the photo. You may share the photo as displayed. Delete bad photos just there to save memory and keep your device clean.

snap for whatsapp is integrated in the Android built in camera. Take a picture and on one click edit, share to whatsapp, or delete right away. There is no easier and faster way to share pictures and let your friends take part in your live.

There are further features like notification settings that let you access the last picture taken through the Android notification in order to share on whatsapp. If you wish even more comfort you might as well use auto preview mode where the app is most accessible on full screen and can be viewed in detail before sharing. You will find the settings helpful to set according to your preferences.

If there is a qr- or barcode (like ISBN, Wine Bottles, Advertisement or any product) on the photo the app will scan it and dissolve the code right there (CpK function on).
No need for any other scanner app that you 1. have to find, 2. have to start up and 3. have to focus laboriously. You just take a picture of the code with decent quality and the magic sets in: whoosh you are guided where you intend to go without any interaction.

Snap for whatsapp is integrated in your familiar and optimized camera on Android and only wakes up immediately upon you taking a picture. It then scans the picture locally thus no data leaves your camera. After it scanned the picture for a code it goes to sleep again. Just make sure the picture is bright enough and your camera was stable. In rare cases the stabilization function of the camera makes the difference. However you will be surprised how robust and seamless the scanner fulfils its duty. Much, much faster than any other scanner app. By the time other scanner apps would called on and started snap for whatsapp has already completed it all.

Because we developers are eager to keep the app as sleeks as possible the app grabs the whatsapp icons form within the system. That might take up to 30sec on first startup depending on your hardware. Please be patient on first use. Thereafter it will be speedy.

snap for whatsapp is for free! However if you like the APP we highly appreciate 5* ratings ;-)

Thanks all those users who already supported us, that´s incredible!

this app makes use of Zxing, which is licensed under the Apache License v2.0

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language versions for portugese, russian and arabic added
major performance increase
minor bugfixes

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